Our suppliers

Black Ink Coffee

At Black Ink Coffee Company, they provide the best best wholesale coffee solution, where you can find also personalized plan for every specific coffee need.

Based on the Domesday farm in Devon, they make extremely good quality drinks with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. We sell their gold medal winning organic Sicilian Lemonade, Cool Ginger Beer and Devon Cider.


This small, award winning brewery based in Greenwich supply us with their outstanding draught London Pale Ale and Helles lager. Uncompromising in their beliefs on beer making, we think they produce some of London’s best beers.

Producing exceptional live beers that are crafted with big flavours. They do not pasteurise and each beer is naturally fermented and bottled by hand at their east London brewery.





Allpress are based in Shored and learnt there trade in New Zealand. They trade direct with farmers, sourcing only speciality grade 1 beans to use in there Redchurch blend.



Lahloo source distinctive teas are a world away from the faceless, mass-produced tea produced in huge factories. This is hand-picked tea with character, flavour, provenance, and each one has its own fascinating story to tell.







We are big advocates for rare and traditional breed animals. We find the taste and quality superior to the modern day animals favoured for their fast growth rate and cheaper production costs.

The rare breed meat company is owned and run by father and son Howard and George Blackwell who wanted to see the the very best meat from rare and traditional breeds back on the consumers table.

They fervently believe in the quality of the meat produced from these animals that have been reared in totally free range environments and fed only on natural foods that are free of any form of growth promoters etc.

Based in central London, Sally Clarke bakery produce some of the finest pastries and bread that we have tasted. We sell their delicious croissants, pains au chocolat and pains au raisin alongside their famous chocolate truffles. We also use their sourdough bread.

R Oil farm their amazing nutty rapeseed oil in Gloucestershire and we use it for just about everything. It is an excellent source of linoleic and linolenic acid which our bodies convert to Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Both are essential for a balanced diet and can only be obtained through food. Rapeseed oil has just 6% saturated fat content, much lower than most olive oils which have around 14% and sunflower oil which has 10%. It contains no transfats, something the media has recently portrayed as particularly negative for our health. We triple fry our hand cut chips in this oil which results in a delicious nutty and crisp chip.

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